Set up your tutoring profile in a few minutes!

Set up your tutoring profile in minutes and have a virtuan CV to grow your tutoring business with

We have launched a great new onboarding that will help tutors to set up their business in no time. Let’s meet our new tutoring profile creation.

Creating an account on is as simple as it gets, and now — to create a significant online professional presence has gotten even simpler, and it will take only a few minutes of your time.

Meet Martin Berg*, an English tutor who lives in Ireland, and see how he will create his new tutoring website in a few steps only!

1. Creating your account: choosing your Tutor ID

It is important to choose a simple Tutor ID; it is your username. We suggest you pick the simplest combination possible. Your first name, if available, is ideal. ➡ that’s how simple & neat Martin’s new website URL is.

Set up tutoring business profile in minutes - username -
2. Creating your account: choosing your location & currency settings

Since we are helping tutors to get paid, we need to know what currency you will operate.

Set up your online tutoring profile and business in minutes. Start tutoring students tomorrow in your currency -

Account created!

Welcome to your new online tutoring business profile -

Let’s start setting up your tutoring profile, shall we?

We aim to get your business ready to start as quick as possible, so you’ll need to fill the minimum required information to get started. Below are questions to think through, as they are the core of your tutoring business. Ready?

What do you teach?

Pick your main subject. Even if you have many more, you can add them all later.

Set up your online private tutoring business in minutes, with only one subject necessary, eg English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Chemistry - lets you be an online tutor in any subject.
How much do you charge per hour?

This is the best part, you can choose your own hourly asking rate. Martin knows English tutors are in high demand worldwide, especially tutors in English test prep. Thus he is confident in his tutoring experience and chosen €40 per hour (around $45 per hour).

Set up your online private tutoring business choosing your own hourly rate, no more fixed tutoring salary - makes online tutoring easy.
Time to elaborate your pitch, tutor-preneur!

This is the space you have to speak a little bit about your experience. As a tutor, you must convince whoever lands on your page to book a lesson with you. The more you write, the better. Remember: you are building your business. Choose the right words.

Set up online private tutoring business by answering simple questions about previous teaching experience and students you tutor - makes online tutoring easy.
Tell us your interests

There is nothing better than having true connections and empathy with your students. Relationships last longer if you have something in familiar and pedagogically speaking, your students will learn more and better. Great, right?

Set up your online private tutoring business and connect with students - give personalized tutoring lessons and earn extra income with long-term teacher-students connections -
Time is money: add more availabilities and increase chances to earn more.

We have also added a lovely touch of how much you will earn if you manage to teach one lesson per day you are available per month.

If Martin tutors 5 hours a week, he will earn €800 per month! Not bad 😉

Set up your online private tutoring business by choosing your own working hours and hourly rate - earn extra pocket money each week -
Go where your students are… or let them come to you!

Choose the most suitable time for yourself. Online teaching is cool, but nothing replaces the typical one-on-one session. We recommend you select all and let your students decide what suits them the most.

Set up your online private tutoring business and work locally on use Skype, Zoom, Line etc. - makes tutoring management easy and secure.
Add your favorite video call service!

We recommend you to add Skype, Zoom or another popular video call service to use for online tutoring! Choosing amongst the most widely used ones will ensure you and your student will most likely already have an account.

Set up your online private tutoring business and start tutoring using popular software like Skype, Zoom or Line - makes online tutoring easy.
If you want to teach from home, let us handle it!

This is fully optional and up to you to decide to teach at your home. Add your address as specific as possible. But don’t worry, you will be safe! We will not disclose your address to your student until you confirm the lesson request.

Set up your online private tutoring busines in minutes - choose your own location, near you in a public cafe or at home - makes private tutoring easy.
Love teaching at your favorite café? No problem!

List your favorite café and have an enjoyable tutoring experience. How wonderful would it be to get a booking request for your favorite café? Cake time with learning sounds good!

Set uo your online private tutoring business in minutes and have 1 on 1 tutoring lessons at your favorite cafe - makes tutoring easy.
Add your most professional picture, you’re the CEO of your tutoring business after all!

Forget the sunglasses picture at the beach. This is your business, so present yourself as the neat business owner you are! We recommend you to add a photo in a light background, so your face will stand out in the profile!

Set up your online private tutoring business in minutes and start tutoring online using Skype or Zoom in any subject, eg English or Math - takes care of online tutors.
This is how your tutoring profile will look like — happy tutoring!

We helped you to set the bare minimum to start, but now we will leave it to you so you can fill in all the information you would like your students to know.

Set up your online private tutoring business in minutes and have a professional website CV to share with students and grow your tutoring business with

Build your own professional tutoring profile for free at

Once you’re done, save the next article to continue growing a successful tutoring business – we’ve gathered the top 3 tips to help online tutors.

*Martin Berg was a fictional character created for this article.

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