What we do

We are constantly looking for ways of transforming lives, growing tutoring businesses and enabling novel ways of income

Education professionals who are willing to start off private tutoring or upgrade their existing business deserve a professional tool carefully tailored for their needs.

We find the best tutor for you

Our Mission

We define success by having a positive impact on teachers' daily lives.

If we reduce stress and help the tutor to earn extra income each month we feel accomplished.

We believe in the transformative power of education and want to empower & encourage tutors to succeed and spread knowledge around the world.

Our Team

Karen Roosileht
Karen Roosileht
CEO & Co-Founder
Karen is from Brazil. Teacherpreneur since the age of 16, she has always tried to find ways to combine business and education and Tutor.id is the realization of this dream. She loves coffee, chocolate and cats!
Murillo Ichikawa
Murillo Ichikawa
Back-End Developer & Co‑Founder
Murillo is the guy with the noisy keyboard. He enjoys video games, everything sci-fi and discovering new music and foods. Had some tutoring experience while coaching a rugby team he helped found, and his love for it never stopped since.
Daniel Kütt
Daniel Kütt
Front-End Developer
Daniel is from Estonia and is the youngest member of the team. His hobbies may or may not consist of writing code, playing and making video games, singing in a choir, playing the piano and making the world a better place.