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By 2030 the world will face the biggest teacher shortage in history. Underpaid and unsupported, teachers around the world are leaving the profession.

We want teachers to teach! So we help teachers start their own tutoring business and earn more.

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We help tutors automate their business and teaching processes so they can focus on their students and their own professional development.

Our platform is made by tutors for tutors so they can launch healthy, scalable businesses with our intuitive and powerful management tool.

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We support inclusive learning

We welcome students with learning disabilities and autism. They make up 15% of the global population - and the world does not have enough teachers trained to integrate them into society.

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With our partner educational institutions we offer certification in learning disabilities so our tutors can identify a possible learning disability and adjust their teaching methods accordingly.

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Tutor.id is innovative. First of its kind to help students that seek differentiated learning. We’re proud to have partnered with them.


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