Tutor.id is for free!

Tutor.id is for free if you get paid in cash. There are no hidden fees & you only pay a fair fee for successful card transactions. Connect with Stripe and experience stress-free tutoring.

10% feefor each card transaction

(transaction fee of 2.9% + 30 cents included)

Connecting with Stripe

We will guide you inside the platform on how to connect with Stripe, it is very simple! Once you are connected, get paid directly into your bank account.

Benefits of online payments

  • No more chasing payments or awkward money talks
  • Have your booking & cancellation policies respected
  • Get compensated 100% for no-show & late cancellations
  • No need for contracts - our system guarantess you will get paid
  • Receive your money after every session into your bank account

Questions you might have

How much will Tutor.id charge me?

Tutor.is is for free if you are receiving cash payments from your client. However, if you choose to receive cash payments, we cannot guarantee you will be paid on time, or even paid at all. With card payments, we can make sure your booking & cancellation policies are respected and that you will be paid at the end of your session. Since we guarantee you will be paid, and also take all the risks that come from card payments for you, we will take 10% of your lesson fee at every card transaction (that includes also the transaction fees).

Does Tutor.id declare taxes from my tutoring fees?

Tutor.id does not do any tax declarations for the users, however you can keep track of your earnings inside of the platform, in the Bank section. We will not only help you with the accounting of card payments, but also with the cash payments, too. All you have to do is to mark whether your student paid the lesson or not.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment service provider that is helping us to get you paid. All you have to do is connect with Stripe (see here the countries Stripe supports - https://stripe.com/global) and receive your payment directly to your bank account after the session.

How do I get paid from my students or their parents?

You can choose getting paid by cash or card. Stripe is helping us to handle the card payments. By connecting with Stripe, you will get paid directly to your bank account.